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>> What is tyms?

tyms (Tonbridge Young Musicians) is a small organisation
running weekly ensemble sessions for young musicians from
pre-Grade 1 to Grade 5.

We have two different groups:
Strings - for string players pre-Grade 1 to 5
Winds - for wind and brass players from Grades 1 to 4


The ensembles are very flexible and accessible. Parts can be adapted for individualsdepending on playing level.

>> Why join tyms?
We believe that playing in an ensemble has multiple benefits for young people learning an instrument; not only does it help students gain confidence in their playing, it develops good listening and watching skills, encourages team work and group learning. 

>> What are the aims and objectives of tyms? 

  • to provide enjoyable and educational musical experiences for  young musicians in Tonbridge and the surrounding area

  • to provide regular rehearsals [weekly during school term time], directed by specialist instrumental teachers

  • to provide occasional performing opportunities

  • to provide the opportunity for young instrumentalists to acquire the skills and techniques to make music in an ensemble by playing with others

  • to give players the chance to improve their fluency in sight-reading and to develop their quick-learning skills on their instrument

  • to provide the opportunity for young players to develop their understanding of the key elements of music [including structure, tonality, texture, dynamics] by rehearsing and performing in an ensemble situation

  • to encourage players to develop their skills, ability and understanding in order to progress to more advanced ensembles and orchestras

>> Who directs tyms?

tyms strings is directed by Naomi Niblett, and tyms winds by Rachel Reilly.

Naomi Niblett is a local musician and teacher in the Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge area. Before having a family Naomi studied in London and Cambridge and taught secondary music for a number of years. She now loves teaching upper strings, piano and music theory and enjoys playing with the Royal Tunbridge Wells Symphony Orchestra. 

​Rachel Reilly is an enthusiastic young musician from Kent who has been involved in ensembles around the area from a very young age. She graduated from Leeds University with a degree in Music and is Head of Music at The Judd School. 

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